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IRS Faced With Major Service Problems and Taxpayer Setbacks President Barack Obama’s 2014 Tax Return IRS Commissioner Warns Employees of Troubles Ahead How Much is the Penalty for Not Having Healthcare (Obamacare)? What Businesses Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) What is the Obamacare Premium Tax Credit? IRS Mileage Reimbursement Rates for 2015 How to Avoid IRS Surprises at Tax-Time What to Know About the IRS Phone Scam What to Know About the State of California Franchise Tax Board Collection Process Get Credit for Child and Dependent Care This Summer IRS Adopts a New Taxpayer Bill of Rights  IRS Tax Information for Students Who Take a Summer Job What Newlyweds Should Know About Filing Taxes  Affordable Care Act (ACA), Obamacare Requirements  How to Make Payments to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) How to Make Payments to the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) How to File an Extension When You Need More Time to File Your Taxes Tips If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes On Time Eight Common Tax Mistakes to Avoid How to Sign Up for Healthcare Insurance (Obamacare) Four Good Reasons to Direct Deposit Your IRS Tax Refund Which IRS Form Do I Need? Who Should File a 2013 Tax Return National Taxpayer Advocate Releases 2013 Report to Congress Individual Taxpayers Can Begin Filing January 31, 2014 Business Taxpayers Can Begin Filing January 13, 2014 New Filing Requirement for Businesses – Form 8822-B IRS Mileage Reimbursement Rates for 2014 Hire Military Veterans and Save on Taxes Does the Additional Medicare Tax Apply to You? Tips for Finding a Tax Preparer and Free IRS Tax Help IRA End-of-Year Reminders IRS Warns of Possible Typhoon Haiyan Scams IRS Implements New Fast Track Settlement Program for Audits What Are the 2014 IRA 401K Pension Plan Amounts? Bartering or Trading is Taxable How To Report Charity Donations When Doing Your Taxes California Franchise Tax Board Warns of New Tax Scam 2014 Tax Season to Start Later Following Government Shutdown Limited IRS Operations During Government Shutdown Tax Filing and Payment Extensions Expire October 15th IRS Provides Tax Help for Victims of Colorado Flood Affordable Care Act (ACA)/Obamacare Requirements for Employers What to Know about SIMPLE IRAs and Taxes IRS Provides Options to Pay Back Taxes Check Withholding and Estimated Tax Payments to Prevent a Tax Surprise 3 Tax Scams to Be Aware of This Summer IRS Recognizes Same-Sex Marriage for Federal Tax Purposes How Long Should I Keep IRS Tax Records? How to Report a Sale of a Home to the IRS  New IRS Commissioner for Services and Enforcement  California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) Deductions and Credits  Six Good Reasons Why You Should Become a Tax Volunteer Back-to-School Tax Tips for Students and Parents Retirement of E-Services Features Delayed Until September 2nd How to Deduct Moving Expenses  Reduce Your Taxes with Miscellaneous Deductions  Free Tax Help Using IRS Social Media Tools Are Gambling Winnings Taxable? Tips for Employers Who Outsource Payroll Renting Your Vacation Home and Taxes Tax Benefits for U.S. Military Soldiers Can I Deduct Travel Expenses for Charity Work? Reminder: People Affected By Boston Marathon Have Until July 15 To File And Pay How the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Ruling May Affect Your Taxes What the IRS Wants You to Know if You’re Starting a Business New Expedited Process for 501(c)(4) Applications Tax Implications of Losing a Job Is My 401K Hardship Distribution Taxable? Tax Tips for Newlyweds Job Search Expenses Could Be Tax Deductible How Long Should You Keep IRS Tax Returns? IRS Selects New Commissioner and Leadership Team IRS Answers Questions About 501(c) Tea Party Applications How to Submit Ideas and Suggestions to the IRS Prepare for Natural Disasters by Safeguarding IRS Tax Records IRS Accepting Applications for Low Income Tax Clinic Grants How Much Interest Does the IRS Charge? How to Report Foreign Income and Assets What is the IRS Child Care Tax Credit IRS Tax Season Filing and Refund Statistics for 2013 Tax Relief for Oklahoma Tornado Victims IRS to Refund Fees to Registered Tax Return Preparers IRS Shuts Down Due to Sequester Tax-Exempt Organizations Must File by May 15th IRS, Australia and United Kingdom Collaborate to Combat Fraud What Students Should Know About Summer Jobs and Taxes How to Plan for an Easier Tax Season 10 Tips for Dealing with IRS Notices and Letters How to File an Amended Return 8 Facts on Late Filing and Paying Penalties IRS Offers 3-Month Extension to Taxpayers in Boston Tips for Taxpayers Who Missed the Tax Deadline How to Claim the Adoption Tax Credit 5 Tips for Those Who Need More Time to File 8 Tax-Time Errors to Avoid What to Know About Making Estimated Tax Payments How to Get Tax Credits for an Energy-Efficient Home 6 Tax Tips for the Self-Employed 9 Tips on Deducting Charitable Donations How to Adjust Your Tax Withholding Tips to Help Last-Minute Filers Where Is My Refund? Do I Qualify for the Health Insurance Deduction? 7 Tips for Taxpayers with Foreign Income 10 Things to Know About Farm Income and Deductions Top 10 Tax Season Tips IRS Releases 2012 Data Book Tips to Make Filing Less Taxing Tax Rules for Children with Investment Income Itemized vs. Standard Deduction – How to Choose Do I Qualify for the Home Office Deduction? Tax Rules on Early Withdrawals from Retirement Plans What is the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit? 5 Tax Credits that Can Reduce Your Taxes 4 Ways to Get Free Tax Help Tax Facts About Mortgage Debt Forgiveness 4 Tax Tips about Your Unemployment Benefits How to Claim the Retirement Credit  10 Facts about Capital Gains and Losses 7 Tax Facts About Deducting Medical and Dental Expenses What to Know About Repayment of the First-Time Homebuyer Credit Is Social Security Taxable? IRS Interest Rates for Second (2nd) Quarter 2013 Free Tax Help for Military Personnel and Their Families How to Get Tax Return Transcripts and Records from the IRS  5 Tips if You Changed Your Name Due to Marriage or Divorce Determine if You Should Claim the Child Tax Credit on Your Return Do I Have to Pay Income Tax on Tips? 5 Things to Know About the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) Determining Your Correct Filing Status New IRS Tumblr Site Helps with Tax Season Tax Help ‘en Español’ Tax Relief for Victims of Mississippi Storms Taxable and Nontaxable Income IRS – 2012 Report Card  8 Tax Benefits for Parents Six Important Facts about Dependents and Exemptions IRS Intensifies Crack Down on ID Theft in Effort to Protect Taxpayers Missing Your W-2? Here’s What to Do Ten Tips to Help You Choose a Tax Preparer Who Should File a 2012 Tax Return? 10 Things to Know About Free Volunteer Tax Help Let Education Earn You Some Extra Credit — At Least With Your Taxes Compare How Traditional and Roth IRAs Help Save Money Annual Inflation Adjustments for 2013 IRS Plans Jan 30th Tax Season Opening for 1040 Filers IRS Provides Tax Relief to Victims of Hurricane Sandy; Return Filing and Tax Payment Deadline Extended to Feb. 1, 2013

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