Filing Tax Returns

Late Filing - brandonromanchuk-unsplash

Late Filing: What to Do to Pay your Federal Taxes?

If you are planning on late filing, don’t “fall to the Dark Side with the IRS. This month’s article is ...

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Last-minute Filer

Last Minute Filer – What you need to know!

By the time you read this, the tax deadline — which is Thursday, April 15 — maybe just a few ...

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Filing Status

Determine Your Correct Filing Status

It’s important to use the correct filing status when filing your income tax return because it can impact the tax ...

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3 Tax Filing Options for You

These days there are so many filing options for taxpayers to get their tax returns prepared. With so many options ...

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Stress Less

Stress Less: File and Deal with the IRS Easier

Another tax season is upon us. For some people, filing their taxes is a huge relief. For others, it’s a ...

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3 Life Events That Affect your Taxes. Picture of couple holding an ultrasound, while the man kisses the forehead of the women, taken by Kelly Sikkema.

3 Life Events That Affect your Taxes

Life happens, so you need to be prepared for how major changes will affect both your well-being and your bottom ...

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Tax Deduction Tips for Self Employed

Essential Tax Deduction Tips For the Self-Employed

Learn to Play the Game With the IRS As an entrepreneur, the tax system can be like playing multi-level chess. ...

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Michael Raanan MBA, EA, Former IRS Agent

My Time at the IRS

And How It Helps Me Help You Today Many of my clients aren’t fans of the IRS, as they are ...

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Man smiling using laptop at home

Research Before You Hire

Essential Questions for a Tax Relief Firm When dealing with the IRS in any capacity make sure you’re getting the ...

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Working from Home

A How-To on Home Office Deduction

Your Home Office As entrepreneurs we need to find every way we can to save money and a home office ...

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Tax Return Preparation

4 Actions Taxpayers Can Take Before April

Wintertime and the holidays are hectic for all of us with family gifts, decorations, hosting holiday parties. However, one thing ...

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holiday christmas tax pitfalls with the IRS

End of Year Holiday Tax Pitfalls with the IRS

During the holidays, so many different activities will grab your attention: family dinners, Christmas shopping, decorating and more. It’s hard ...

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What to do after Tax Season is Over

What To Do After Tax Season is Over

Tax season may be over, but your responsibilities haven’t ended just yet. Prepare for future tax seasons and be secure ...

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What happens when I owe the IRS after tax day

What Happens When I Owe the IRS After Tax Day?

Take a deep breath. Tax season is almost over! Unfortunately for some taxpayers, the end of the season can bring ...

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How You Can Avoid IRS Trouble This Tax Season

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as spring. Despite our mildly pleasant temperatures throughout winter in southern California, springtime is an ...

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Tax Tips for Independent Contractors, Freelancers, and Consultants

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Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TBOR)

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IRS 10 year statute of limitations

What Taxpayers Must Know About the IRS 10 Year Statute of Limitations

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What You Need to Know about Classifying Workers for Taxes

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how to reduce irs penalties and interest

How to Reduce IRS Penalties and Interest

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Wedding Hands

IRS Innocent Spouse Tax Relief – How to Qualify

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7 Mistakes to Avoid This Tax Season

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Where Is My Refund?

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Tax Deductions guide

Deductions: A Simple Guide – Deductible vs. Non-deductible


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Filing Your 2017 Tax Return – What You Need To Know

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What to do when you get an IRS Tax Notice letter

What To Do When You Receive an IRS Notice

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Taxpayer Assistance Center IRS

Taxpayer Assistance Center – Getting IRS Help

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