How A $390,459 IRS Debt Reached A 94% Settlement

How A $390,459 IRS Debt Reached A 94% Settlement

irs settlement installment plan

Landmark Tax Group would like to congratulate its client who reached a 94% settlement with the IRS! As a result of securing a low, $200/month Installment Agreement, the taxpayer will only pay approximately $22,000 of a $390,459 tax debt!

See the official IRS Approval Letter below:irs tax debt installment settlement


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Do you, or a client of yours, owe the IRS?

Landmark Tax Group is a professional tax resolution firm that specializes exclusively in IRS and State back tax issues. Not only are we licensed Tax Relief Specialists, we are also former Senior IRS Agents who now serve the best interests of taxpayers like you – all we do is handle IRS and State Tax Relief matters, all day, every day.

If you owe back taxes and would like Landmark Tax Group to review your tax case for FREE, please contact us now for a complimentary consultation. Speak directly to our former IRS Agents for free at (949) 260-4770.

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