IT’S FINALLY HERE! — IRSvideos.com Is the Back Tax Tool You’ve Been Waiting For!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! — IRSvideos.com Is the Back Tax Tool You’ve Been Waiting For!

Until now, taxpayers have had three options for resolving their IRS back taxes:

1. You can hire a tax lawyer … which is silly, because in 99.9% of cases you’re not suing the IRS, and they’re not suing you.

2. You can hire a tax relief company … which is usually expensive (think $10K+), slow, and a big risk when it comes to credibility. TIP: It’s very rare for taxpayer’s to qualify for the “pennies on the dollar” results that tax relief firms promise. 

3. You can try to do it yourself … which can be time-consuming and disastrous without proper guidance from someone who knows the IRS.

These options are NOT IDEAL. But you don’t have to choose between them anymore. Now, you have a new option: IRSvideos.com 

For the last 10 years, I’ve offered a better option than the three above through Landmark Tax Group. As a professional tax firm, we serve our clients with quality and transparency. But, not everyone needs our full set of services, so I’ve been working on an additional solution.

IRSvideos.com is a brand-new resource for taxpayers offering accessible, affordable, and high-quality guidance from a former IRS Agent (me) that will help you resolve your back taxes successfully by yourself.

When I say affordable, I mean it. Many of the resources on IRSvideos.com are free, and the average course is just $47. They’re all taught by me — an 18-year former IRS Agent who knows exactly how the agency works. These courses are step-by-step blueprints that will guide you through the process of resolving your IRS back taxes. All they require is a little investment of your time.

Over the last decade, I’ve helped thousands of people through Landmark Tax Group and resolved hundreds of millions of dollars in back taxes. But at any given time, there are 20 million people in IRS collections — and our mission is to help everyone! You’ve been demanding an easy way to fix your IRS problems without breaking the bank, and now you can. Through IRSvideos.com, you can get quality tax relief help that’s accessible and affordable without hiring a tax relief company or an attorney.

The reality is only 5% of all taxpayers in IRS Collections need a tax firm. For everyone else, there’s IRSvideos.com.

If you’ve been following our content for a while and have finally decided to put your IRS debt behind you, IRSvideos.com is for you. We’re even offering FREE guidance that will help you get a head start towards tax relief.

Visit IRSvideos.com now to learn exactly how to pay less to the IRS – it’s FREE 

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