Scary actions the IRS can take include tax liens, wage garnishment and property seizure

All Tricks, No Treat: Scary Actions the IRS Can Take

When I was a field agent for the IRS, I never went into the field over the holidays, especially during ...

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How we prevented home seizure and wage garnishment for a client

How we prevented wage garnishment and home seizure for a client

Hey, everyone! Occasionally we like to highlight recently resolved cases, and we couldn’t be happier for this particular client! Coming ...

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How to avoid an IRS tax lien or tax levy

IRS Collections: How to Avoid a Tax Lien or Tax Levy

When life happens and you get a collection notice from the IRS, those butterflies in your stomach could turn into ...

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How to sell a home with an IRS Tax Lien

Federal Tax Lien: What Options Are Available For You?

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IRS Can Revoke Your Passport

Free Report: How To Stop The IRS From Taking Your Passport

Before you load up your suitcases for summer adventures, learn how you can avoid getting your passport revoked by the ...

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Retirement – How to Handle IRS Tax Debt During

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11 Tips for Taxpayers Who Owe Money to the IRS

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Tax Deductions guide

Deductions: A Simple Guide – Deductible vs. Non-deductible


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Beware of the 2014 Tax Scams

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irs collections process and your rights as a taxpayer

IRS Collection Process – 10 Things to Know

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