Free Report: How To Stop The IRS From Taking Your Passport

Free Report: How To Stop The IRS From Taking Your Passport

IRS Can Revoke Your Passport

Before you load up your suitcases for summer adventures, learn how you can avoid getting your passport revoked by the IRS with a free report from the experts at Landmark Tax Group. As stipulations for travel become increasingly more complex, knowledge like this can help you travel smarter.

If you owe more than $50,000 in tax-related debt, including interest and fees, the IRS can ask the State Department to revoke your passport at any time — even if you are overseas — or prevent you from obtaining one. The State Department will only do this when asked by the IRS, and exceptions can be made. For example, if you are filing for bankruptcy or have a pending offer in compromise for your tax debt, the IRS will hold off on asking the State Department to intervene.

Signed into law in 2015, this new penalty for tax debt didn’t pass without controversy. In 2012, the idea was first introduced amid backlash. Opponents argue that the government’s attempts to require travelers to have real IDs or passports to travel makes this law discriminatory. Additionally, four states have refused to comply with real-ID requirements, and The Los Angeles Times reported in 2016 that 26 states failed to meet real-ID standards. This makes it nearly impossible for some citizens to travel without a passport.

Advocates for the bill claimed the law aids the IRS in obtaining the more than $400 billion owed in assessed taxes.

Wrapped in the December 2015 transportation bill, the IRS’s right to revoke your passport passed with little flare.

At Landmark Tax Group, we have compiled a free report that outlines the situations that may prompt a revocation, what may dissuade the IRS from taking your passport, ways you can prevent it from being taken away, and how you can get your passport back. This report was compiled by Landmark Tax Group founder and owner Michael Raanan, who used his previous experience as an IRS agent to provide insider knowledge.

Click here to download our FREE Report: How to Stop the IRS From Taking Your Passport!

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