How the Williams Family Received an 82% IRS Tax Debt Reduction!

How the Williams Family Received an 82% IRS Tax Debt Reduction!

Save money on IRS tax debt

Our clients go through a lot when working with the IRS, and periodically, we like to showcase the progress they experience after using our services. Tom Williams and his wife went through an assortment of issues regarding the IRS that spans as far back as 2014.

In 2014, Tom and his wife had a payment plan with the IRS for $1,999 a month and never skipped a payment. In December of 2018, the IRS applied payments they had been making to the wrong tax year. When they eventually received a notice of default for “lack of payments,” they immediately contacted the IRS.

By the time they got ahold of the IRS, the agent handling their case already had sent them to collections. When they reached collections, the collections agent found the payments. Since the amount was over $56,000, he didn’t have the approval to handle the situation, so they were sent back to their initial IRS agent. They were pulled in various directions with no clear path to a resolution.

Through an online search, Tom’s wife found Landmark Tax Group, and we were happy to help. After reviewing their finances and representing them in front of the IRS, we were able to get an 82% reduction of their tax debt!

The Williams are now only paying $622 a month for a limited time, a $67,000 savings! When asked about Tom’s experience, he had this to say:

“Our experience was unbelievably phenomenal. My wife and I started this journey back in 2014, but when this came up, we were in the best hands that we could have ever imagined. Now I have peace of mind that I haven’t had in years.”

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~ Michael Raanan MBA, EA, Former IRS Agent


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