How A $390,495 IRS Debt Reached A 94% Settlement!

How A $390,495 IRS Debt Reached A 94% Settlement!

How A $390,495 IRS Debt Reached A 94% Settlement

At Landmark Tax Group, we’re always eager to showcase any client who has reached an appealing settlement with the IRS! One, in particular, secured a low $200 a month installment plan. The client in this case will now only have to pay around $22,000 out of the original $390,495 debt.

That’s a 94% settlement with the IRS! While the agreement has a set of strict conditions the client will have to adhere to, this is an incredible achievement. Working with the IRS and getting a settlement like this is no easy task!

The IRS Isn’t Joking Around

Just being able to settle with the IRS is a great accomplishment in itself. In years past, the IRS has received as many as 74,000 applications for settlements and accepted less than half of them. In some years, there has been as little as a 30% acceptance rate for settlements. That’s especially alarming when you think about the actions the IRS takes for the unaccepted settlements.

The IRS is serious when it comes to tax debt of any kind. There have been years where the IRS has put liens on over 700,000 homes, which puts more than 700,000 families in very stressful situations. If you have read our article on the serious toll that debt stress can take on your health, you know how alarming these numbers are.

Tax Debt? Give Us a Call

Never put you or your family in a stressful situation with the IRS. Here at Landmark Tax Group, we specialize in IRS and state tax settlement cases just like the one above. Our team is comprised of several former IRS agents who now work to serve the interests of our clients, and we regularly handle a variety of IRS and tax relief cases.

If you have any specific tax questions or if you owe any amount of back taxes, give us a call at (949)-260-4770 to speak directly to one of our former IRS agents. We look forward to helping you!

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