Client Case Study: From $100K in Tax Debt to Just $5K

Client Case Study: From $100K in Tax Debt to Just $5K

When Larry V., a consultant living just south of Denver, Colorado, fell ill in 2008, taxes were the last thing he was concerned with. Instead, for the next three years, Larry — who requested we don’t use his last name — was more concerned about the brain and prostate surgeries he was facing as he tried to stay alive.

Unfortunately, these life circumstances ultimately resulted in him owing $93,490 in back taxes to the IRS. Larry learned from his certified personal accountant (CPA) that he would have to pay the money he owed to the IRS, but he also discovered there may be alternative options. After a quick web search, Larry found Landmark Tax Group and decided to give us a call. “It was probably one of the wisest things I’ve done,” Larry said in a recent interview.

Michael Raanan, owner of Landmark Tax Group, advised Larry on the steps for a compromise with the IRS, and with the help of Larry’s CPA, a proposal was drafted. Sadly, the first request was denied. But we quickly squashed Larry’s worries and drafted an appeal based on our belief that the compromise was denied on an unsound basis.

Four weeks later, his compromise was approved. Larry wrote a check for $5,000 and a release of his debts was sent to him in the mail.

“It felt like it was the right thing for a number of reasons, and I was relieved,” Larry recalls. “I thought I didn’t owe that money for all the reasons that (we) listed, and Michael seemed to think that we had a good case. I especially appreciated it. It was such a pleasure working with Michael. He was professional every step of the way. He proved to be a man of his word.”

With the stress of owing nearly $100,000 off his shoulders and a feeling that “true American justice” had been served, Larry said he wouldn’t recommend anyone elsewhere.

“I can’t recommend Michael enough. If you have an issue with the IRS, you’d be a fool to look elsewhere,” Larry said.

Landmark Tax Group would like to thank Larry for trusting us to help him find resolution with the IRS.

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