The COVID Crisis Hit This Business Hard — Here’s How We Helped!

COVID-19 Crisis Hit This Business Hard!

Not only do we at Landmark Tax Group help individual taxpayers across the U.S. resolve their back taxes to the ...

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Tax Deduction Tips for Self Employed

Essential Tax Deduction Tips For the Self-Employed

Learn to Play the Game With the IRS As an entrepreneur, the tax system can be like playing multi-level chess. ...

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Working from Home

A How-To on Home Office Deduction

Your Home Office As entrepreneurs we need to find every way we can to save money and a home office ...

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Scary actions the IRS can take include tax liens, wage garnishment and property seizure

All Tricks, No Treat: Scary Actions the IRS Can Take

When I was a field agent for the IRS, I never went into the field over the holidays, especially during ...

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Tax Tips for Teenagers working summer jobs

Tax Tips for Teenagers with Summer Jobs

Like most of us did when we were growing up, a lot of our kids will now be getting to ...

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The Secrets of the IRS – What You Probably Didn’t Know

Every IRS-fearing citizen knows some of the basics about what they can take away from you. You’ve likely heard of ...

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Client Case Study: From $100K in Tax Debt to Just $5K

When Larry V., a consultant living just south of Denver, Colorado, fell ill in 2008, taxes were the last thing ...

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Tax Tips for Independent Contractors, Freelancers, and Consultants

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6 Ways to Reduce Your Chance

5 Steps That Small Business Owners Should Take When Being Targeted for a Tax Audit

Being audited by the IRS will strike fear into the heart of anyone, especially as a small business owner. However, ...

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trust fund tax penalty and how the irs can collect

Trust Fund Tax Penalty: The IRS Can Collect from You Personally

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Four Tax Strategies to Save Your Business Money

4 Tax Strategies to Save Your Business Money

The Type of Business You Operate Determines the Taxes You Must Pay In the United States, there are nearly 28 ...

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7 Steps to Avoid a Tax Audit

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The Secret to Protecting Your Intangible Assets

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