The Secrets of the IRS – What You Probably Didn’t Know

The Secrets of the IRS – What You Probably Didn’t Know

Every IRS-fearing citizen knows some of the basics about what they can take away from you. You’ve likely heard of the devastation and inconvenience audits and property seizures can cause to those who cross the IRS, intentionally or not. While they may seem like an be-all and end-all of authority, you may not know just how far their reach actually goes. Let’s take a look at some of the tax man’s lesser-known practices.

The IRS Makes Plenty of Mistakes

It’s important to realize that like any government entity, the IRS can send out all kinds of erroneous claims. While human error does play a part in their mistakes, their programs are prone to negligent errors as well. Something as simple as accidentally adding an extra zero to an income claim can lift you into a completely different tax bracket, strapping you with higher charges. That’s why it’s important to move toward getting your audit notice amended by a trusted tax group as soon as you receive it.

The Spoils of Making Less Than $200K

Something that doesn’t get mentioned enough is your chances of getting audited by the IRS. The truth is if you make less than $200K a year, you most likely aren’t in danger of getting audited. Studies show that you have a chance of less than 1 percent of getting audited if you make under that amount. Compared to the 3 percent chance of incomes higher than $200K and the 6 percent chance for people who rake in over a million dollars a year, those are pretty good odds. With that in mind, don’t let the ever-present threat of the IRS ruin the longevity of your life or business. They know who they’re going for.

The IRS Can Get Your Passport Taken Away

Now, technically the IRS isn’t solely responsible for this happening, but they can certainly set in motion a chain of events that will see your passport status being restricted. If you are a seriously delinquent tax debtor, they will file documents that can cause the State Department to restrict your travel privileges, lest you fly the coop. The government defines this group of people as those who owe more than $51,000 in taxes and haven’t started making payments to the IRS. That’s why it’s best to address your issues as soon as you get a notice and before the threats start pouring in.


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