COVID-19 Crisis Hit This Business Hard!

COVID-19 Crisis Hit This Business Hard!

The COVID Crisis Hit This Business Hard — Here’s How We Helped!

Not only do we at Landmark Tax Group help individual taxpayers across the U.S. resolve their back taxes to the IRS, but we also save businesses from their IRS tax debt. Debt can be overwhelming for a business. Business owners work hard to avoid losing their business as a result of tax debt, and we work right beside them to ensure that doesn’t happen. During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we had one client come to us with a $414,992 tax bill. The pandemic hit the client, a clothing manufacturer, hard by worldwide disrupted supply chains.

Here’s what we did! In negotiating with the IRS, we quickly took over all communications with the IRS and protected the business’s income and assets from the IRS. This way we were able to get the agency to approve a financial hardship closure, meaning no payments were required! The result was that the company survived the initial COVID-19 crisis, stay in business, and keep its employees. On top of all that, they were able to continue serving their community during a very challenging time.

Want to view the IRS approval letter for this case? Simply visit LandmarkTaxGroup.com/Results. For assistance with your IRS matter, get in touch at (949) 260-4770.

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