Helping Our Community One Case at a Time

Helping Our Community One Case at a Time

Helping our Community one Case at a Time

At Landmark Tax Group, we’re always excited to highlight our clients’ IRS success stories! This one was especially stressful for all parties involved.

Our Client Jane

Jane’s husband hired us in late 2018 to help with four years’ worth of unfiled tax returns. Her husband paid their taxes every year, but due to health issues, he couldn’t finish the IRS paperwork. The penalties were outrageous, but once the family’s returns were filed, I started working immediately to resolve their case.

Sadly, while I was assisting them, Jane’s husband passed away. Knowing that taxes should be the last thing on her mind, I quickly taught Jane what she needed to learn about the IRS collections process and explained that we’d be by her side until the IRS issue was resolved. Understandably, she was stressing a lot about her situation, but walking her through the IRS process reassured her that the tax matter was going to be okay.

How we Helped Jane

After working with the IRS for some time, we were able to secure tax relief for Jane by preventing IRS tax liens, protecting her assets, and getting the IRS to remove 100% of the penalties that had accrued from 2013 to 2017. She was so happy with our work that she gave us a glowing review on Yelp! Here is just a brief snippet:

“He was very reassuring, which helped with the stress at an awful time. Three of the years were processed quickly. The last year took the IRS 10 more months to complete. He kept me informed every step of the way. His skills got 100% of my penalties removed. Michael is extraordinary, both in business and in humanity. Hire him!”

We can Help You too!

If you have any specific tax questions or if you owe any amount of back taxes, then feel free to contact me directly at (949) 260-4770 or help@landmarktaxgroup.com.

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