IRS Debt is Financial Cancer

IRS Debt is Financial Cancer

$103,756 IRS Balance Resolved For Only $12,000!

Imagine you’re getting dressed one morning when you notice a dark spot on your skin that looks like it could be melanoma. What would you do? Would you ignore it out of fear that it might be bad, or would you book an appointment with your dermatologist and get the potentially deadly spot taken care of before it gets worse?

For most of us, this is a no-brainer. We would go to the doctor. It makes sense to take care of the problem now before it becomes crippling. But this begs a question: Why don’t we apply the same care to our financial health that we do to our physical health? Most people are proactive about going to the doctor, but they let financial problems like back taxes fester because they’re too afraid of what might happen if they address them.

January is Financial Wellness Month, and we have a message for you: Treat your IRS problems like potential cancer spots. If you’re proactive, you can prevent them from escalating and avoid liens, levies, and garnishments that can cripple your financial health. These enforcement actions can prevent you from buying or selling a home, ruin your credit score, keep you from getting your dream job, hold up your financial goals, and even make you lose the job you have. But if you’re proactive, you can avoid all of that.

Think of our team at Landmark Tax Group as your tax doctors. When you bring your tax problems to us — the earlier, the better — we’ll help you retake control of the situation, avoid IRS tax liens, and prevent levies and garnishments. The IRS has predictable processes in place that they always follow and, as former IRS Agents, we’ve been behind the curtain. Protecting you is the easy part. The hard part is finding the courage to contact us.

Don’t start your new year off with back taxes hovering over you. Get help now before your financial health suffers: LandmarkTaxGroup.com/Free

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