What Is IRS Tax Relief And How Can It Help You?

What Is IRS Tax Relief And How Can It Help You?

What Is IRS Tax Relief

You may hear the term “IRS tax relief,” but do you know what it means? The truth is that IRS tax relief comes in many forms, so it can be hard to tell what it means. It can mean one thing for one individual or business and something completely different to the next.

One form of tax relief is short term. This can include the release of a bank levy, wage garnishment, or tax lien. This relief can be either temporary or permanent depending on circumstances. That said, there are more permanent forms of tax relief that include penalty removals, installment agreements, and tax settlements (also known as offers in compromise).

How to Qualify

Taxpayers with outstanding back taxes can qualify for relief by meeting certain rules and procedures set by the IRS. Properly communicating with the IRS in a timely fashion can help obtain some forms of relief. While filing a timely appeal can also offer relief. Then there are forms of relief that rely heavily on a full understanding of IRS policies and procedures in addition to the tax law.

Hiring a Tax Representative 

As one person, you may ask yourself, “How am I supposed to know all of this?” The answer is that you’re not. The IRS knows, as we all do, that the average taxpayer does not have the time or resources to read through or understand the nuances of IRS policies or complicated tax law. This is where having an experienced Tax Representative can make all the difference.

The purpose of having a Tax Representative is to protect your assets and income from the IRS. They serve as an advocate on your behalf and work to achieve the most favorable outcome — and tax savings — possible.

What 2020 Means for Taxpayers

This has been a strange year for taxpayers. Earlier this year, the traditional tax deadline of April 15 was pushed to July 15. While this was beneficial for some taxpayers, it was complicated for others. Many taxpayers had to navigate these changes along with other life events, like job loss or illness. Taxes may have taken a backseat to other concerns.

Before the July 15 deadline, an estimated 14 million taxpayers were in IRS collections. After that date, the number jumped to 20 million, a number that may grow. Right now, millions of Americans are receiving bills and notices from the IRS.

These taxpayers are having to face the reality of dealing with the IRS and this year, they might not be in a good position to deal with the IRS and they need help — they need tax relief.

Landmark Tax Group

Landmark Tax Group exclusively specializes in tax relief matters. That is 100% what we do. We help you achieve the most favorable tax outcome and tax savings. We help you get back on track, and we do it because we know how hard it can be to do it alone. It also helps that we have been on the other side and have worked for the IRS.

 If you have questions or you need tax relief, you don’t have to wait or worry any longer. For immediate assistance with your tax matter, contact us now at (949) 260-4770 or help@landmarktaxgroup.com for a FREE, no-obligation consultation with ex-IRS agents and fully-licensed tax resolution specialists.

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