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Important Questions -constantin-wennin

3 Important Questions to Ask a Tax Relief Firm

Anytime you deal with the IRS or any tax issues, ensure you get the most sound and up-to-date tax advice. ...

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$100 Million priscilla-du-preez

A $100 Million Milestone -Thank You to Our Clients

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that it’s been a strange year. However, despite the ...

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Michael Raanan MBA, EA, Former IRS Agent

My Time at the IRS

And How It Helps Me Help You Today Many of my clients aren’t fans of the IRS, as they are ...

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irs taxpayer journey roadmap

New IRS Taxpayer Journey Roadmap

Recently the IRS released a roadmap of the Taxpayer Journey through the IRS. Here’s what it looks like: Click here ...

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My First Client: Building Relationships and Finding Solutions for Real People

When I first started Landmark Tax Group, I told my wife Hanna that I was going to break into a ...

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Michael Raanan at 10x Growth Conference

My Time at the 10x Growth Conference 3

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my many years of helping people find relief solutions for the back taxes ...

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Client Case Study: From $100K in Tax Debt to Just $5K

When Larry V., a consultant living just south of Denver, Colorado, fell ill in 2008, taxes were the last thing ...

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Love and Mishaps in Las Vegas: How I Proposed to My Wife

When I moved to California to begin a career with the Internal Revenue Service, I had no idea where my ...

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How I Got here: Michael Raanan, MBA

How I Got Here: From Working for the IRS to Helping YOU – A Message from the Founder of Landmark Tax Group

  How I Got here from working with the IRS to starting Landmark Tax Group. Many of my clients aren’t ...

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IRS tax settlement savings

5 Important Questions to Ask Tax Resolution Firm Before Paying Them Any Money

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