Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and here at Landmark, we’re feeling particularly thankful for the other businesses that support our work. Our clients have a variety of needs that sometimes go beyond our expertise working with the IRS.Fortunately, we know dozens of other tax professionals we can reach out to for help!

One of those trusted partners is James Sutton, a CPA and attorney at Moffa, Sutton, & Donnini, PA. James and his team specialize in state and local tax controversy with an emphasis on sales and use tax. If you are having trouble with your state, city, or county taxes, then he can work with you to resolve them.
“We focus on the state and local tax side of things and don’t touch IRS work. So, while Landmark can save you from the IRS, we can save you from the state taxing
agencies. We make a great team!” he says.

Moffa, Sutton, & Donnini, PA has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Tallahassee, Florida, and is one of the only law firms in the country focused almost exclusively on sales and use tax controversy.

“That means our attorneys end up having more sales tax experience in one year than most other tax attorneys do in 10-plus years,” James says. “We also hire many people from state taxing agencies who have years of experience handling sales tax from the other side of the game before leaving the ‘dark side.’” James and his team often work directly with entrepreneurs who own small and medium-sized businesses. Helping them thrive is James’ favorite part of his job.

“These companies are usually family owned and operated with their income and life savings tied up in the company. When a state taxing agency comes in with overly
aggressive estimated assessments, we get to be the knights in shining armor fighting back,” he says. If you need help with a sales tax audit, a protest, a petition for reconsideration, litigation, appellate litigation, collections, revocations, or criminal defense at the state or local level, James is your man. You can contact him directly at (813) 775-2131 or JamesSutton@FloridaSalesTax.com, or visit FloridaSalesTax.com to browse hundreds of articles on sales tax and
schedule a free consultation.

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