Claim a Free Copy of The Tax Relief Booklet™

Claim a Free Copy of The Tax Relief Booklet™

As I write this, I’m looking across my desk at a big pile of books. I’ve been working my way through the stack for the last few months, inhaling business books like “PreSuasion” by psychologist Robert Cialdini and “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by self-improvement expert Dale Carnegie.

Every time I turn a page, it’s my hope to gain more knowledge and better position myself to serve my clients while I’m representing their best interests in front of the IRS.  Of course, reading isn’t always all business! I also like to read for fun.

Lately, I’ve been catching up on classics about Socrates – his work, life and philosophy are truly fascinating. I recommend “Conversations of Socrates,” a collection of thoughts by one of his disciples, Xenophon.  Not too surprising, my kids aren’t as into Socrates as I am, so with them, I’ve been reading much lighter fare. My 5-yearold son Benjamin’s favorite book right now is “Cherries, Cherries, Everywhere!” which is actually a fun children’s book that I wrote for him and published with the help of an illustrator a few years ago. You can check it out at BenjaminBlueBooks.com. It’s about a little boy named Benjamin Blue™ — inspired by him, of course — who has adventures with all kinds of fruit.

Now that my 2-year-old daughter, Sophia, is old enough to love bedtime stories too I’m also writing a book for her. Books are an incredible resource. They can take us to new places and teach us secrets we’d never find anywhere else. That’s why I decided to write one for YOU as a holiday gift! It’s called “The Tax Relief Booklet™,” and in a few short chapters goes over five ways to pay less to the IRS — and get them to “thank you” for it!

Like my experience reading Cialdini this is knowledge you won’t get anywhere else. I wrote it drawing on all of my experience as a former IRS Agent and in private practice. In the booklet I share in simple terms several highly effective methods to resolve IRS tax debt. If you have a tax problem hanging over your head I promise “The Tax Relief Booklet™” will help you de-stress this holiday season and head into the new year with a plan to tackle your back taxes.

To pick up a FREE copy of the book as my gift to you – for yourself or someone you know – simply click the button below:

Happy holidays!

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