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IRS Debt — 7 Secrets the IRS Doesn't Want You to Know!

Learn how to get a leg up on back taxes and delinquent tax returns so that you can avoid severe IRS penalties and financially debilitating levies on your wages and bank accounts. You only get one chance to answer IRS questions the “right” way.

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IRS Penalties — 10 Ways to get IRS Penalties Removed

The IRS has over 148 different penalty types they can hit you with. And the worst part is that the IRS can also charge interest and more penalties on top of that! Fortunately penalties can often be reduced to ZERO in two ways.

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IRS Debt — How to Stop the IRS from Taking Your Passport

The IRS has the power to revoke your passport if you have delinquent tax debt. Here’s how to protect yourself and resolve your tax problems for good!

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IRS Debt — 10 Things You Need to Know When You Owe the IRS

Dealing with the IRS can be a nerve racking and painstaking process for taxpayers. Here are 10 insider tips that the IRS would never readily share with taxpayers.

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Audits — How the IRS Audits Attorneys

Examining an attorney’s tax return is unlike the examination of any other profession. We’ve compiled a 27-page guide on how the IRS audits attorneys.

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IRS Debt — How to End Your IRS Problems for Good

You and your family can put IRS problems behind you, permanently. Find out what to do if you receive that dreaded letter in the mail, saying you owe the IRS.

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IRS Debt — When Should I Hire a Professional?

Contrary to popular belief, you DO have rights as a taxpayer. One of those rights is the right to representation. We share the factors to consider when deciding if you should hire a tax relief professional.

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Payroll — How to Deal with Common Small Business Payroll Problems

The IRS doesn’t care if you can’t pay your employees. All they care about is you have money that belongs to them. Find out what to do if your small business has payroll problems.

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IRS Debt — Important Questions to ask a Tax Resolution Firm Before Paying any Money

Never sign a contract or make any type of payment without first having a Confidential consultation and spending time researching a tax relief firm. Get the questions you should ask at that Confidential consultation.

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Back Taxes — 5 Practical Tips for Dealing with IRS Back Taxes

Taxpayers do have rights and they need to be aware of how to handle dealing with the IRS if they do in fact owe any back taxes. Find out what to do in this guide.

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Back Taxes — 5 Serious Back Tax Mistakes to Avoid

Failing to respond to the IRS on time can result in serious implications such as fines, interest, and penalties. Avoid these common mistakes when you owe back taxes to the IRS.

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