Owe 10k

Owe $ 10k, we can help! If you’ve been following this newsletter, you know we work with many taxpayers who face tax debts in the hundreds of thousands or more. But what if you owe less than that? What if you owe under $10,000? What are your best options?

If you owe $ 10k or less, Landmark Tax Group is here to help. We have an informational online course just for you!

With this special course, you will learn how to resolve your IRS back tax on your own — without having to spend thousands of dollars on professional fees. Yes, it is possible!

You’ll also learn:

  • How to set up and keep an affordable IRS payment plan on your own
  • Exactly how the IRS payment plan application process works
  • IRS requirements for qualifying for a payment plan
  • How to take control of your IRS back taxes
  • Expert tips and strategies in dealing with the IRS
  • Best practices on how to avoid IRS back taxes in the future
  • How to prevent the IRS from taking your future tax refunds
  • And much more!

With this course, you’ll receive expert instruction from a licensed Enrolled Agent, Tax Relief Specialist, and former Senior IRS Agent! Plus, every step is easy to understand and follow, giving you the information you need to put your debt behind you.

If you have a tax debt of $ 10k or less, you can get in good standing with the IRS — and you can sleep better at night.

To get started, simply click here. There you’ll find access to this highly informational course and several great resources. Begin your journey to tax freedom today! Lift the burden, protect your income and assets, and save thousands of dollars in professional fees!

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