Are These IRS Fears Keeping You Up at Night?

Are These IRS Fears Keeping You Up at Night?

IRS Fears

According to Google, this year’s hot Halloween costumes include Wonder Woman, Cruella DeVil, and Forky from “Toy Story 4.” Your kids might go for the classic ghost, vampire, or zombie. But if they really want to scare someone while trick-or-treating, they should dress up as a letter or notice from the IRS. Their friends might not get it, but it will definitely spook the adults who answer the door and those with IRS fears!

IRS problems are just as paralyzing for most people as ghosts, snakes, and spiders. When new clients call us for help with back taxes, the first thing they do is share their fears. Fortunately, we have the experience to make those concerns vanish like Halloween ghosts. If one of the IRS fears below has been keeping you up at night, read on to learn how to exorcise it.

IRS Fear. No. 1: “The IRS is coming for my income and assets!”

The IRS has the power to make a person’s life miserable. So many people worry that it will seize their income and assets, including the money in their bank accounts, their homes, and their vehicles. If you’re worried about these enforcement actions, here is a piece of good news! As long as you participate in the collections process under our guidance, your back tax case should never escalate to this point. Our team knows how to control the IRS. By steering your case in the right direction, we can keep you and your family safe from threats.

IRS Fear. No. 2: “The IRS will put me in jail!”

You’ve probably heard about at least one celebrity or politician who wound up in jail because of how they handled their taxes. This does happen, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be the next one in a jumpsuit! Those celebrities and politicians aren’t going to jail for owing back taxes. They’re going for tax fraud, which is something entirely different.

Owing back taxes is an administrative issue, not a crime, and the IRS won’t throw you in jail for it. They would rather work with you to figure out how much you owe and what you can afford to pay them. You don’t need to worry about criminal charges unless you’ve intentionally avoided filing your tax returns or filed them fraudulently with the intention of deliberately concealing income and assets. Only about .01% of all IRS cases fall into this category, so you are likely in the safe 99.9%!

IRS Fear No. 3: “I can’t afford professional help with my back taxes!”

This fear is understandable, but my team and I go above and beyond to make our services affordable. When you work with us, you have many payment options, including paying absolutely nothing upfront; paying in installments; or paying a flat fee. We also offer dozens of free resources to help taxpayers understand the IRS collections process and their options. You can access those free resources right now.

If you’re worried about the cost of resolving your back tax issues, there’s no better time to get started. This summer, the IRS loosened its criteria regarding which taxpayers can qualify for payment plans. You have more opportunities than ever to find an affordable solution!

Honestly, there’s only one thing you should be scared of when it comes to the IRS. The terrible things that can happen if you put off resolving your back taxes. As long as you’re proactive about your tax problems and utilize a professional firm like Landmark Tax Group sooner rather than later, there’s no need to have IRS fears!

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