Is the IRS ‘Dogging’ You?

Is the IRS ‘Dogging’ You?

Is the IRS 'Dogging' You? - pexels-noelle-otto

Is the IRS ‘Dogging’ You? – July and August are part of the dog days of summer, an unofficial period for celebrating our family pets while we hide from the hot weather. I don’t have a dog myself. With two small kids at home, my wife and I didn’t want to add to the chaos. But the holiday did remind me of conversations I’ve had with clients who feel “dogged” by the IRS.

If you have unpaid back taxes, the IRS will follow you like a hound. The agency is required to send out a series of notices and letters informing taxpayers if they owe a debt, and as time goes by, those letters get more and more aggressive. If you leave back taxes unpaid for months or years, the letters will grow to include strong language and progressively scarier collections threats. It might feel like the agency is snapping at your heels.

The sooner you get professional help with your back taxes. The sooner you can transition from defense (running from the dog) to offense (facing and taming it). Our team is proactive when it comes to addressing our clients’ back taxes. When we take that approach, the IRS’s enforcement actions disappear and it’s easier to reach a favorable resolution.

We start by asking three questions:

  • Is the balance legitimate and accurate?
  • Can penalties and related interest be removed?
  • What is the most favorable resolution possible?

By exploring these questions and communicating the results firmly to the IRS, we’ve resolved more than $100,000,000 in back taxes so far.

In my experience, one of the biggest mistakes taxpayers make is waiting until the IRS ‘dogging’ them has happened. By the IRS to reach out to a tax professional specializing in IRS back taxes. People come to me and my team at all points of the collections process. Yet, “dogged” clients are by far the most anxious and in the worst financial position. With that in mind, here’s my best advice: If the IRS is biting at your ankles or frightening someone you love, reach out for help today by contacting us. Ideally, we’d love to hear from you as soon as you realize you have back taxes before things get dire.

Like a dog, the IRS may seem chaotic and hard to handle at times. Ultimately, the agency is as trainable as Fido. You just need to have a professional dog handler on your side. My team of Enrolled Agents, Fully Licensed Tax Representatives, and former IRS Agents are here to do that work. We know how the IRS’s mind works and how to manage its processes and procedures. If you work with us, we’ll have the agency wagging its tail at you in no time.

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