Success! Landmark Helps a Legally Blind Man Keep His Home

Success! Landmark Helps a Legally Blind Man Keep His Home


If you own a home, then you know having such a huge asset means everything. It shelters you from the weather, provides a safe haven from the chaos of the world, and can even bring you income. For people who have disabilities, those benefits are even more important. We had success with this exactly the situation of a recent client of ours, whom we’ll call John.

John is legally blind and suffers from various health challenges. We met him through his sister, who contacted us for help with his 2012 back taxes. John’s tax debt totaled $109,652, and the IRS had sent him threatening letters for years.  A major fear for many of our clients is losing their homes, and John felt that fear deeply. His home was modest, but he owned it outright and it brought him substantial income.

John’s Story

John and his sister were terrified that the IRS would seize his house, which was the only asset he had to help him cope with his debilitating health condition. We could see right away how important John’s home was to him. With his security on the line, we went to bat for him against the IRS to lower his $109,652 tax debt.

Our efforts succeeded! Not only did we safeguard John’s home and income, but we also negotiated a much lower settlement for him. In the end, John only had to pay the IRS $14,634 — an 85% savings! This resolution took a huge weight off his shoulders, to say the least!

If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, our team can help. To learn more about John’s case and what we can do for you, visit Results.  There you can read John’s settlement document and explore our other success stories.

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