Success! $297,259 IRS Balance With NO Payment!

Success! $297,259 IRS Balance With NO Payment!


A success story! A husband and wife were in IRS collections for several years before they learned about Landmark Tax Group. They owed the IRS $297,259 but were in no position to pay it.

The couple spent a lot of time, money, and heartache attempting to resolve their IRS matter on their own without success. Eventually, they did reach out to “tax relief” firms, but these so-called firms were more than happy to take advantage of the couple, who just needed help.

Finally, they found Landmark Tax Group, and we immediately went to work. We prevented IRS tax levies, protected their income and assets from IRS hands, stopped enforcement action, and gave them the time they needed to get through the pandemic while keeping their home and caring for their unique medical needs.

While they owed $297,259 to the IRS, we were able to secure a financial hardship approval from the agency after prevailing in IRS Appeals. This resulted in NO required payments to the IRS — a 100% savings!

Want to see more success stories? View our more of our results to see their IRS Approval Letter, along with dozens of other approval letters. Call us at (949) 260-4770 so we can work together to get your letter on our results.

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