How to sell a home with an IRS Tax Lien

Are You a REALTOR or ESCROW AGENT Selling a Home With an IRS Tax Lien?

Don’t let money slip through your fingers! Here’s how to get rid of your client’s tax lien, so the SALE can go through! 

Hi, I’m Michael Raanan, president of Landmark Tax Group. As a licensed tax lien specialist, I help realtors, mortgage brokers and escrow agents get rid of IRS liens for their clients, and make more money!

As you probably know, a real estate sale won’t close if the buyer or seller has a state or IRS tax lien against them. If the IRS doesn’t remove the lien, no one wins!

Can you relate to this dreaded situation?

You may even be in it right now…

  • You’ve worked hard to serve your client up to the point of entering escrow, and the sale is about to close. But they have a tax lien holding up the sale of the property.
  • The client is frustrated and panicked. You truly believe selling their home is in their best interest, and so much potential profit on the line. So much time has been invested into this sale.
  • You feel helpless. All of the time and energy you put into this client will go down the drain. Your well-deserved earnings will slip through your fingers… UNLESS this tax lien can be removed by the IRS.

You COULD just shrug your shoulders and walk away from all of that potential profit, cutting your losses… or you could turn your losses into a win!

That’s where I come in. I help EVERYONE win by getting rid of tax liens.

Who is this guy?!

At this point you’re probably wondering, who is this guy, anyway? Great question. Here’s a little more about me:


I’m a former IRS Agent.

Unlike other tax professionals, I’ve been trained by the IRS itself. I spent 8 years at the IRS learning the inner workings of its system, and it was there that I realized there was a huge need for better help for taxpayers who struggled with debt. That’s when I founded Landmark Tax Group, and I’ve been dedicated to helping people break free from tax debt ever since.

I know the IRS tax regulations inside and out.

Liens go through the IRS, and I am an expert at the IRS tax code. I’ll be able to speed up the process, help your clients understand their rights as taxpayers, and ensure the closing of escrow is not delayed.

I help taxpayers save millions of dollars in tax debt every year.

Over the years I’ve handled it all, from home seizures, to levies, to wage garnishments. Whatever your client is struggling with, you can be confident I’ll work quickly to resolve the issue in their favor. And as one of the highest rated tax firms in the country, I personally make sure each and every case I work with is resolved successfully!

Enrolled Agent

Enrolled Agent is an elite status federally licensed directly by the IRS to specialize in IRS tax relief.

The alternative?

A long and endless wait…

Tips for selling houses with IRS Tax Liens

Without proper tax expertise and guidance, your client could become entangled in an endless battle with the IRS. The IRS is a slow moving bureaucracy, and without proper understanding of the tax system, it could take YEARS to resolve their case if ever.

A tax lien is not something a taxpayer should try to handle themselves, if they aren’t confident they know what they’re doing.

Your client could easily make things worse for themselves by trying to ignore the problem, or not understanding the way the IRS system works.

Here’s what YOU can do today!

You don’t have to feel powerless, watching a client deal with a tax lien. You can take action today to get rid of your client’s tax lien for good, and get that home sold! 

Instead of losing your hard-earned commission and the time invested into your client, learn what other realtors, brokers and agents have already discovered.

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How To Make More Money By Selling a Home With a Tax Lien

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Our Clients Love Us!

I received my tax return from the CPA and PANIC set in. As I scoured the Web looking for help I cam across several tax help firms… all I was getting was hype and sale talk and I was very concerned. I was about to give up when I saw a listing for Landmark Tax Group. To my surprise, Michael Raanan answered my email within just a few minutes and gave me a number to reach him directly. He was the calm voice of reason that I needed to hear. Over the next 4 months he took the time to educate me on the IRS, tax code and the Law. He answered each and every question, calmed me down when I was upset, and never once gave me the impression that he was anything but Professional and someone who truly cares.

This group is the Best of the Best, true professionals. If you need ANY tax help then do yourself a favor and put your trust in Michael and the Landmark Tax Group and you’ll sleep like a baby.

We can’t thank you enough, not just for the result, but for the absolute professionalism you displayed through the entire process, and for your wise and patient guidance through each step. Your knowledge and confidence were a source of comfort to us and we are truly grateful. Having our $93,490 tax balance settled for only $5,176 has improved our lives. Thank you Michael! 

Michael and Landmark Tax Group settled my $137,000 IRS debt for $840. That’s a fact. I originally contacted Landmark Tax Group after getting burned by two other firms and as you can imagine, I was skeptical at best. The other two firms I had contracted were unable to resolve my tax issues but were more than happy to take my money. 

Michael’s straightforward, factual approach made no promises but did offer hope in terms of a detailed plan and insight into the internal policies of the IRS. Throughout the process Michael gave me detailed updates of what Landmark was doing on my behalf and answered all my questions. I became confident that someone was finally advocating on my behalf. I highly and confidently recommend Landmark Tax Group to anyone in need of an ethical, competent, and thorough tax resolution specialist!

Fast, dependable, reliable, full transparency. Michael Raanan of Landmark Tax Group allayed my fears of spending the rest of my senior years paying my tax debt. As a result of his extensive knowledge of the tax code, the right questions to ask, and his dedication to my case, I had information, resolution and a plan of action within 24 hours, start to finish. Amazing! I highly recommend Landmark Tax Group. 


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Don’t Lose Your Hard-Earned Commission!

How To Make More Money By Selling a Home With a Tax Lien

You DON’T have to lose your commission because of a tax lien.

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